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Welcome  friends and members. Club Dial Me, is a unique business venture in the field of virtual clubs under the umbrella of  “Dial Me” . From time to time, Club Dial Me tries to bring new adventures and other sources of recreation for its members.  It is a humble endeavor on our part to provide you the ultimate source of relaxation and recreation.

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As per the demand we have come up with a unique privilege card by the use of which you can enjoy the perks of adventurous theme parks and water parks at unimaginable rates and prices with your friends and families. We provide you with unlimited fun at amusement parks, such as NICCO Park, where you can thrill yourself and your families/friends with a variety of excitement filled rides. Save yourself from the scorching heat and take a dip in the cool pools and water slides of Wet O Wild.
Hence we have tried to revolutionize the sense of mere clubbing by merging health and entertainment only for you where we take the entire responsibility to give you a healthy lifestyle for a year.

What you are waiting for? These are world class facilities served to you on a silver platter at a stone throw price, and all this, just a click away! So hurry and act now!